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Custom Dates and Days past Warranty to Warranty Reporting

When I pull warranty reports I find it easier to see how many days past warranty a machine is then looking at the dates. I tend to export to excel and then add a column to provide the delta of days between today date and the warranty end date. this is beneficial as we update machines the fiscal year after they come out of warranty and its easier to sort those machines that are expired after a specific date or days past a date. Curious if others would find adding days past warranty field beneficial directly on the warranty report. Additionally adding the ability to filter a warranty report to show machines expired after a specific date or warranty expiring within a specific date range would be beneficial as we look at fiscal year budgeting as well. I usually put reports a few months before fiscal year end for budget purposes and find I have to manipulate or compile a few reports together to get the full picture based on our fiscal year ends as some machines are not expired when the report is pulled but will be when we reach year end.

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  • Aug 1 2019
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    10 Sep, 2019 06:36pm

    Hi Garth, Sorry for the delayed response. Yes, List of PC's by Age is generally one we use to piece this information together. Additionally, List of PC's by Warranty Range could be a report that works also if a custom range could be added rather then the canned ranges. 

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    Garth (Ideas) Jones commented
    22 Aug, 2019 05:13pm

    Hi Kris we can add this but I'm trying to think which reports this would make sense for.

    I'm learning towards List of PCs by Age and List of PCs by collection, thoughts?

    Just as an aside are you running with the Enhansoft Services?